Act Now to Get the Best Prices of the Year for IndieReCon LIVE!

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We want to encourage early enrollment for IndieReCon’s first live conference, held this October in Sandy, Utah. These prices will make your jaw drop. But they’ll go up on April 16th, and up again July 1st, so register today!

IndieReCon LIVE is for . . .
the Beginner Self-Publisher
You’ve written a book and decided to give self-publishing a go? 
You want to self-publish, but you’re not sure where to start?
the Experienced Self-Publisher
You’ve written and self-published a book but . . . now what?
You figured out how to do a decent job of self-publishing, but you’re ready to take it to the next level.
the Advanced Self-Publisher
You’re making a decent income through your self-publishing business, but you know there’s more out there.
You’re ready to learn about foreign rights contracts, agents, media rights . . . it’s time to learn how to play all those bells and whistles.

If you fit into any one of these experience tracks, IndieReCon LIVE is for you!
Plus, join us on Friday night for the Pajama-Rama book rave ~ the perfect party for pajama-lovin’ self-publishers, their books and the fans who love them (or will come to love once they discover you at our rockin’ party)!
Then go from pajamas to Prada at our Howeys award ceremony for the break-out stars of self-publishing.

So come on, Register Now and then . . . get excited!

Ali Cross

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