The London Book Fair Indie Author Fringe Fest at Foyle’s

 Alliance of Independent Authors Self-Publishing Conference & Book Fair 

in association with The London Book Fair’s Book & Screen Week

April 17th 2015 11am to 7.30pm

Exciting, all-day event at London’s largest indie bookstore.

Panel sessions, debates and one-to-one advice and connection between indie authors, literary agents, publishing people, booksellers and, most importantly, readers.

Featuring:  Rachel Abbott, Piers Alexander, Porter Anderson, Mark Dawson, Steena Holmes, CJ Lyons, Toby Mundy, Joanna Penn, Orna Ross, Nick Stephenson, Debbie Young, the Arts Council, the Society of Authors, Trajetory, Self-e, Bookbub, Apple iBooks and many more.

REGISTRATION: Begins at 10am.

CONFERENCE: Runs from  11a.m. to 4p.m.

AUTHOR FAIR: At 4.30pm doors open to all for an Indie Author Fair (ALLi Member Showcase) organised by the fabulous Triskele CollectiveReaders are invited to enjoy a glass of wine and browse the books and chat to the authors while at the same time:

1-2-1 ADVICE:  One-to-one advice sessions with your favourite indie authors, speed-dating style.

Author Videos:  Our gold sponsor IngramSpark will be conducting filmed Author Interviews, to be given to each author as a personal promotional video for use on their website

Meet The Services: Other author services including Apple iBooks will be on hand for discussion and questions

ALL LIVE-STREAMED: In line with ALLi’s mission to be a global organisation for authors everywhere, the event will be live-streamed as part of IndieRecon, so that other authors and readers worldwide can take part online.

Tickets To Attend The Live Event cost £75 (free to ALLi members with a London Book Fair Ticket).

Register below.

Full Details of Friday’s event programming is here.


    1. I`ve got three fantasy novels to try to interest people in. I also play music and I`ve cds to give away–as an
      incentive…? Well, maybe… And could I bring a painting of a scene from one of my novels as a sort-of
      visual aid?

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        1. So we can watch them after they have been live-streamed? How long will they be available on the site for?

          This is great news as I’ll be at work when a lot of these are scheduled to happen. Thanks :)

          1. For many months, Erica… until we start getting ready for IndieReCon 2016. There’s just so much info to take in!

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        1. Sorry, too late for this year. Two became available the day I sent the message but were quickly snapped up. You’ll have to get on in good time next year. Don’t forget though that you will be able to watch all the sessions online – so you won’t miss out. And if you’d like to join us for a drink at the Indie Author Fair in the evening, please do.

  5. So if we want to see the event on line we DON’T NEED A TICKET as a member? Sorry, am in a frenzied getting my book live today. Should be up on Amazon Kindle April 14.

    Does live stream events give us at home a chance to interact? Just curious…? By the way, as recent ALLI members, I feel very good, and supported by what I see thus far. Thank you.

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