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What a great week! We learned about marketing, branding web sites, reaching our readers, the common author mistakes to avoid.

Now, for big announcement…

Mark you calendars! IndieRecon ’14 is tentatively scheduled for the week of Feb 24th.

This is our tentative date for our second annual IndieReCon ’14, which promises to be bigger and better than before. :)

You can still catch up on IndieReCon ’13 by going through all the posts here. Of course, the chats are no longer active, but all the blog and vlog links are still live.

To sign up for updates on the 2014 agenda and other special IndieReCon events this fall, please sign up for our newsletter by entering your email on the home page in the box on the left hand side.

Feel free to enter our Marketing Mania giveaway as a thank you for participating this week and supporting the IndieReCon movement. All of which can be used whether you are an indie or traditional author!

As you may or may not know – Ali and I are doing this simply to give back to the indie community that has been so good to us.

For entering, you can win:

A one hour branding discussion with Ali Cross

A one hour indie pubbing or marketing consultation with SR Johannes

A great marketing book called “Getting Known before the Book Deal”

Please leave us a comment and provide any suggested topics for our IndieReCon 2014!

We hope to see you at future events!

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Shelli Johannes


  1. I LOVED indierecon this year. Thank you for all your hard work in supporting this community and helping us on our own indie journeys. I would love to see more about how to take who we are and what we do and mold it into a marketable brand that we’ll love to share. It’s been hard for me to figure out where to start and how to make it work.

  2. I’ve found some neat ideas this week. I’m getting more and more comfortable with marketing my books, but reviews are a big mystery to me. I’d love to learn how to get legitimate reviews

  3. Let’s try this again … I can honestly say I learned a lot from IndieReCon this year, and have really enjoyed this week’s Marketing Mania. Keep up the good work! I’d like to see more on using social media, especially for those of us who’re strapped for time.

  4. I enjoyed this week’s Marketing Mania immensely. I’ve printed out all the posts and will refer to them as I prepare to launch my debut novel. I would like to hear more about IndieReCon ’14. Thanks for all your fine efforts :)

  5. I’m very happy to hear you’re planning on holding INdieRecon 2014. I would love to see workshops on how to take marketing to the next level after setting up your blog and social media sites.

  6. I’d love to know how to get more legit reviews. I’ve sent requests to lots of bloggers that seem like they would like my books based on their reading and blogs but most never respond.

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