Wed: 9am New York 1 pm London: What Authors Need To Know in 2015: MARK COKER, ORNA ROSS

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Orna Ross

Orna Ross writes novels, poems and the Go Creative! books and blog and is Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors and IndieReCon 2015.


    1. We register exclusively with Amazon KDP not because of the “bells and whistles” it provides, but because that is where the money is.

      The truth is in the numbers. Try your books both exclusively and non-exclusively. Some books will do better on multiple platforms while others will prosper under an exclusive contract. Follow the money.

  1. I enjoyed this information. Thank you and I will follow your suggestions. I haven’t had the time to explore different book sellers. Amazon makes it so easy. I have some of my books in KDP, but most of them are out of contract now.

  2. Great interview with Mark Coker- Of course, that’s time listening lost forever when I could be writing, but yes I fully get the message, we all need to be very careful that we don’t spend so much time struggling to sell that we never have enough time to write. But whatever, we need to find enough time to listen to visionaries like Mark Coker.

  3. Great sesh! To me, the biggest takeaway is the danger of KDP Select. I hadn’t thought of it this way, but I agree with Coker that if Amazon drives other booksellers out of business, the blood will be on our hands. We need to abide by Spiderman credo: With great power comes great responsibility. And how great is it that indies have undeniably great power in the new publishing universe?

    He gives a lot of great advice, but leaves out one critical bit for writers: READ. READ. READ.

  4. My perma-free book could not be free on Amazon or on Barnes & Noble today if it were not for Smashwords and Mark Coker. ! Eternally grateful for that “Ticket to Write.”

    Orna, I know you have done many great interviews. This one is beyond interesting, beyond apropos; it is on top of the pile on the Top Shelf! Thank you for this effort. Wonderful interview chock-full of sage advice and a fascinating walk down the memory lane of Mark Coker from his/our past into a very promising future.

  5. Fantastic beginning! I loved hearing how it all began. Writers and publishers usually need to approach things differently. If they are the same person…. An idea is born! Mark was spot on when he said books are so more than their monetary value.

  6. I started in ebooks in 2009, and other authors told me I was crazy to ditch the submission process with a publisher in order to self-publish on my own. You pretty much had to fight the tide of criticism. :)

    I love that Mark Coker said the book’s value isn’t about how much the book sells. Books are so much more than something to bring money in. They’re a part of the writer. The biggest thrill for me in self-publishing is full control of content. I don’t want to write my books according to what someone else wants them to be. I want to write books that are in my heart to write. This is what made self-publishing, despite the criticism back in 2009, attractive.

    Thanks to Mark Coker for making this possible.

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